Military Partners

Working in conjunction with the military community, we are humbled to help veterans, military spouses, and wounded warriors identify employment in the civilian workforce. It is our honor to do so, and we will continue to foster growth within the military community.


The Hire Group supports our US Military and appreciates the value of your training. We understand that merging into the civilian workforce can be challenging and we want to alleviate the frustration and confusion. Let us assist you with identifying the next step in your career.


We understand the challenge your work history may present with multiple job changes as you relocate to support your spouse. Our tenured staff knows how to get your resume the attention it deserves. The Hire Group can be your advocate.


On-the-job training is alive and well in our military. The discipline instilled in all US Military branches extends beyond training learned in civilian industries. We celebrate the invaluable soft skills that go unseen on resumes. If you are interested in being a partner or to learn more about our military partner division, please contact us today.




Podcast with Ashley Vinson

Ashley found her calling while in the military and translated that to her new job as National Director of Military Partnerships for The Hire Group. Not only can she help you find your path, she can help you get the job as well.