Why Use a Staffing Agency

Trying to fill a vacancy at your company with a qualified candidate can be a long and tedious process. Defining what you want from a candidate and what the position requires reading through resumes, scheduling interviews, narrowing it down to a few potential applicants and having second or even third interviews, and finally making the decision to make an offer. There is also the possibility of them declining the offer and you have to start the entire process over again. There are a lot of steps that you can eliminate in this process with assistance from an experienced staffing service. If you want help from a professional employment agency, find out how it can be worth your while.

Find Talent Fast

Professional staffing agencies are just that, staffing is their profession. When it is a person’s job to hunt down the right people with the right set of skills, experience, and even personality for the position you are trying to fill, they are dedicated to doing just that. More and more job seekers are partnering with placement firms to help them find a job. When a good chunk of the talent is flocking to one service, why not partner with a staffing service that has a connection with the most talented candidates? Staffing agencies develop a relationship with the candidates we send to job interviews and only offer the most qualified person for your position.

Save Money

When you own a successful business, you want to save as much money as possible, or at least know that the money you are spending is going toward a good cause. Interviewing, hiring, training, and determining if the new hire is actually a good fit in your company takes a significant amount of time and can take up a lot of your other employee’s time. When money is being spent towards finding new hires, you want to be sure that you are hiring the best possible person for that position. Spend less time, and save money by letting a staffing service do the hard part for you.

placement firmsInterview Only the Best

A staffing agency has connections with thousands of job seekers; some may have the highest qualifications and the most experience, while others may not fit the bill at all. Determining which candidates are worthy of interviewing requires reading through resumes, which are often full of fluffy language and does not give an accurate representation of the applicant’s qualifications. Put this part of the hiring process to the side and let a professional employment agency do it for you. What you have left when that process is complete is just a small handful of the most qualified applicants. Now you can decide who will make the best fit at your company.

Cultivate a Relationship

Having a long-term relationship with a staffing service will give them an opportunity to learn what you want from applicants. If you have a more laid back culture at your business, we can find you that type of applicant. The success of a company is often dependant on employees working well together and having a positive attitude. When an employment agency knows more than just what skills your business is looking for, but also what type of person will thrive in your specific culture, the better applicants you will receive.

From small to large businesses, across all industries, interviewing and hiring for a position is time-consuming and can be challenging for all of those involved. Let the professionals give you a break from reading resumes and scheduling interviews that may not live up to your expectations. A staffing service has the experience, connections, and knowledge to help you find only the best-qualified candidates and can do it faster to save your company money. Contact the staffing service The Hire Group today to get started.