What Qualities Do Recruiters Look For?

You could have a resume that clearly shows industry knowledge, skills, and a long history of specific experience in that industry, but if you have a bad attitude, you don’t work well with others, or if you have a hard time handling change, the job you’re applying for will probably be given to someone else. So what are the qualities that employment agents seek out? These might not be qualities that can be translated onto paper but can be seen in an interview, so know what employment recruiters are looking for before scheduling an in-person interview.


It’s one thing to be content in a career and take the steps that are necessary to do a good job, but another to go a step further and look for ways to improve and be a passionate employee for a company. Employment recruiters want candidates who are eager to get started, to tell people about what the company offers or does, and who is actively seeking to bring in new clients or customers.


There is probably some level of teamwork to a position, no matter what kind of job it is, and most candidates will be able to describe situations in which they proved that they are capable of working well on a team. Taking that to another level, teamwork is also being able to build teams that are strong, understanding how each person has a significant role, seeing what strengths each person has, and finding a way to incorporate those strengths. Turning a team into a cohesive group that collaborates and completes projects that simply could not have been done without the input from each member.


Possibly the most important aspect of a team or a great employee is being able to communicate clearly and effectively. No matter what the means of communication is, on the phone, person-to-person, in an email, or on social media, or even body language, being able to express opinions and ideas clearly will make any project run smoothly.

professional staffing servicesProblem Solver

Part of being an effective problem solver is being willing to take the time to work on a problem, even when it’s not in the job description, or recognizing that there is a problem in the first place. Being a problem solver means considering your own experience and knowledge and thinking outside of the box to find a resolution that needed your point of view in order to be solved. Don’t think that you’ll always have the winning solution, but always put in the work and make the suggestions that could trigger a solution is part of the process.


It sounds pretty easy to be reliable, but this doesn’t necessarily mean showing up to work on time and completing projects by the deadline. Being a reliable employee means that when a task is given to you, that you are trusted enough to not only complete it on time but to go beyond what was asked of you. An employee who gets something done on time, accurately, and thoroughly, every time, is a reliable employee.

If you think you have the qualities it takes to be an excellent employee, contact an employment agent at The Hire Group today. Our professional staffing service is excited to meet you and find a career that fits your personality, skills, strengths, and experience.