There’s No Crying In Recruiting! Oh, Yes There Is!

Maybe not all recruiters cry, but I think there are many of you that would agree that recruiters have a very difficult career.  I have seen it suck the life right out of people and cut a recruiters career short.  I have attempted to recruit, but there is no way that I could return to the office each day to perform a recruiter’s job. I prefer to network, make calls, send emails and sell. Sales is a walk in the park compared to recruiting.

Recruiters have the impossible to achieve. They are to fill positions with incomplete job descriptions, salaries that are not attractive and locations in the middle of nowhere. They are expected to source, interview, and present talent within just a few days. They are required to attend meetings, conference calls, complete reports, keep files compliant, meet their company’s weekly metrics, (skill market, call blocking, lead generation, submissions, fills) answer the phones, reply to ALL emails and return ALL voicemails. They are to accomplish all of this while they keep their managers, clients, coworkers and candidates pleased with their responsiveness and productivity.

Recruiters are forced to wear many hats…

Recruiters are counselors. By the end of an interview or screening a candidate, most likely they have heard a life story.

Recruiters are cheerleaders. How many times have you heard them cheering on their candidate when prepping for an interview with a client?

Recruiters are magicians. How do they source, interview and submit 20 (Qualified) candidates in 2 business days? It’s almost as if they pulled something from their sleeves.

Recruiters are editors. They review, rewrite or make suggestions of how to make improvements on resumes. It should be a requirement based on some that I have seen.

Recruiters are negotiators. Have you ever heard how they plea for their candidates and land the salary they deserve? I want a recruiter to negotiate my next car purchase.

Recruiters are masters in time management. They somehow manage to complete their tasks and still identify talent for clients? And they successfully eat and sleep in the same day?

Recruiters are switchboard operators. They usually have multiple calls going at the same time. The sales rep, the client, the candidate. No doubt, I would have hung up on someone if not all.

Recruiters are computer nerds. Have you ever noticed how many tabs they keep open and toggle between? Enough to give you nightmares!

Recruiters are travel agents. They manage relocation of candidates as if they worked for AmEx back in the day.

Recruiters are Siri. Although there is the modern technology of Google Maps, inevitably, a recruiter will receive that call asking for directions to arrive at the interview on time.

Recruiters are priests. They hear confessions of candidates. Just when you think you’ve heard it all, there’s another story.

Recruiters are private investigators. Watch what they will learn about you when you submit a resume or interview with them. If I go missing, I want a recruiter to be a part of the search team!

I could go on for days, but let’s wrap it up. The point in all this is simple. Recruiters are awesome, they deserve the credit for what they accomplish. Many people have taken the next step in their career because a recruiter believed in them and vouched for them. As a sales person, I would not have had the success in my career without great recruiters. Would you? Getting a signed contract is the easy part comparatively speaking. Agree?

I am publicly thanking the recruiters who do this every day. With the pressures, demands, deadlines and tight market for talent, that in itself makes a job tough. But when you throw in an angry client, manager, sales rep or candidate, I sure would cry too.

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