Questions to Ask an Employment Agency

If you’re a hiring manager and have decided to hire an employment agency for your business, you can breathe a little easier now. The Hire Group is here for you and wants to help you find only the most qualified candidates you need for your open positions. We can make a huge impact on how much time you spend searching for applicants and cut down on time spent interviewing applicants who are just not qualified for a position. Getting to know us is an important step in the process, so here are some questions you can ask to help cultivate this beneficial relationship.

What industries do you specialize in?

If you are an accounting firm, you don’t want an employment agency who only specializes in IT Services. Knowing the ins and outs of the accounting industry will help a staffing agent understand what it takes to be successful in an accounting position and what challenges employees will face. You can also ask for references in your industry.

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What resources do you use?

There are many different methods out there for finding talent and each has their own benefits. Some employment recruiters use more traditional methods and sources, while others use more modern sources. Consider whether these methods and resources will benefit your company and if they fit in with your company’s strategies.

staffing agentHow will you know who is right for our company?

Doing research on a company in order to learn more about their employees and work environment will give a staffing service a chance to learn what they are looking for in an employee. This is also a two-way street and conversations between The Hire Group and your company is essential to learning everything we need to find candidates that will match your work culture.

What is your fee structure?

Different work placement agencies have different methods of charging for their services, so make sure you are aware of fees ahead of time. There are some staffing services that will charge depending on the number of hours an employee works, or a percentage of their salary. Asking this will avoid any surprises or complications.

How are you different?

Our purpose is to help you find qualified candidates who will fit seamlessly into your company. We know that you are capable of finding applicants to interview and hire for open positions at your company. The difference is that we can increase the productivity of your company by saving you time and effort. With a strong relationship between our professional employment staffing agency and your busy company, we can focus on finding you the best of the best.

When searching through resume after resume, it might be difficult to tell which applicants are the strongest. We understand that it takes time to sift through hundreds of cover letters, go through the interview process, and maybe even second or third interviews. When you can cut out the sifting part of this time-consuming process, it will save you money. The Hire Group wants to partner with you to take over this part of the process. If you want to start a conversation and learn more about our employment agency, give us a call today!