How to Make Your Resume Stand Out

In a previous blog, we discussed mistakes to avoid when writing a resume. Because your resume is so critical in making a strong first impression, we’re going to delve into this topic a little more. This post is going to focus on making your resume as effective and powerful as possible. The Hire Group is dedicated to helping job seekers find the position that is right for them and the future employer. If you’re looking for a professional employment agent who has the expertise, knowledge, and contacts that will give you an edge, contact a work placement agency today.

Format The Resume Wisely

When an employment staffing service has hundreds of resumes to read through, many of them aren’t read word for word. Employment recruiters will scan resumes and look for key information. This makes formatting your resume incredibly important as reading large chunky paragraphs is hard to dig through when looking for important information.

  • Use wide margins, choose a font that isn’t too small or where the letters are too close together, and be sure the headings are clear.
  • To help guide the reader to what you want them to see, use bold and italic. However, don’t go overboard, each line doesn’t need to be bolded.
  • Use bullet points when necessary to make important points or list duties, skills, or accomplishments.

Show Accomplishments, Not Just Job Descriptions

Employment AgentKeep in mind when creating a resume that employers are looking for candidates who can solve problems or fill a need within their company. With that in mind, listing what you did and accomplished at a job is not the same thing as listing what your job was and the duties involved.

  • The job description should be one or two sentences, be clear and concise.
  • Below the job description, list your accomplishments and what projects you completed at the job.
  • Think about what you learned from those accomplishments and how you can transfer those skills.

Be Specific

It’s comfortable putting down general statements about the industry and listing jobs and descriptions that anyone could say if they have worked one job within that industry. But what makes you different from everyone else applying for the same job? Your resume needs to market and highlight your skills and strengths, instead of just providing a history of your employment.

  • Include specific achievements that will allow the reader to understand the level of experience you have.
  • Think about your accomplishments in terms of what you wouldn’t have learned if you had not worked on that project or written that report.

Develop a Career Summary

Rather than calling that introductory sentence an “objective,” call it a “career summary.” Most job seekers will say that they are looking for a challenging position in this industry so they can use these skills to help build the company. This unoriginal objective doesn’t give any solid or informative information about who you are as an employee. Knowing that many people are saying the same thing, you need to spend some time with your summary.

  • Grab the reader’s attention by giving them what they need at the top of the page.
  • This is what you have done, this is what you learned, and this is how you can use your skills.

When we read your resume, we are essentially meeting you for the first time. Grab our attention and show us why you are more qualified than other candidates. Employment agents want to find the right candidate, we just need to be shown effectively who that is. At The Hire Group, we can’t wait to meet you and help you find the career of your dreams. Call a professional staffing service today.