How a Staffing Agency Works

Finding a job, and not just any job, one that you could be proud of, that utilizes your skills and experience for the better of the company, is a challenging task. With today’s social media outlets like Facebook, Twitter, and even LinkedIn, online job searches like Careerbuilder and Indeed, there are hundreds, if not thousands of applicants for one job posting. How can you put yourself out there in a competitive way to ensure that employers are looking at your resume? Many job seekers have turned to staffing services for their expertise in the job search and hiring world. Placement firms and professional employment agencies work as a go-between and communicate for both the job seeker and the company hiring. But how does a staffing agency really work?

The Interview

Submitting a resume to a company means one potential interview for a specific job. Submitting a resume and cover letter to a staffing agency begins with one interview that could lead to more interviews for potential employers. A staffing service will begin by looking over your documents trying to get to know your technical skills, experience, communication skills, what you want from a job, and what you don’t want; they will try to understand what your career aspirations are. Depending on the industry, you may undergo skills testing. The more they know about an applicant, the better placement they will be able to find for you.

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The Search

Once a professional employment agency knows the details of your job search and what you have to offer potential employers, the search begins. Through the many relationships that staffing services have with employers, they will look for job openings that fit your requirements but also make sure that you are a good match for the employer. When a position opens, whether that’s direct hire or temp-to-hire, an interview is scheduled. Often, staffing services will negotiate terms and pay for you as well.

professional staffing agenciesWhile the staffing recruiter is looking for placements, this doesn’t mean that your job is done and that they will find you a job without any input. Developing a relationship with your staffing service is crucial to finding the best career match for you. Working together will ensure that both parties are satisfied in the end. Always stay in contact with your recruiter and keep them informed of any changes. They will also stay in contact with you, letting you know of any potential interviews or placement opportunities.

Prepare & Communicate

A placement firm can schedule several interviews, but if you aren’t prepared and research the positions thoroughly, the work will have been done for nothing. In addition, if a position does not appeal to you, communicate that as well. A placement firm will provide details on exactly what the client is looking for and what the position entails, be open about whether the position is a match for you or not.

A staffing agency is a valuable service when communication and a strong relationship are developed. Both the employer and the job seeker can benefit from their service when a position is filled by a qualified candidate. If you want to take advantage of a reliable and experienced staffing service, contact The Hire Group LLC today.