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The human resources manager has a large role for any company, including being a resource for employees as well as being a business partner for executives of the company. A large and time-consuming role of a human resources manager is the part of staffing recruiter. Recruiting, interviewing, and hiring prospective employees comes with a lot of responsibility and demands attention and care. With a staffing service that is dedicated to providing support to your human resources manager, they can put their attention and focus on the more pressing company and employee matters.

Key Roles and Responsibilities

Compensation and Benefits

An incredibly important responsibility for any HR manager is creating a compensation plan and monitor any potential negotiations for group health care benefits. This includes being involved with the compliance of the Family Medical Leave Act and maintaining confidentiality for employees. There may also be open enrollment times in which employees can elect to join in or make changes to their health care coverage.

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Employee Training

Not only do HR managers hire and train new employees, but they also look for development and growth opportunities for new employees and existing, experienced employees. They will create and implement a method of determining if additional training is needed to improve job or leadership skills or technique. Special attention needs to be paid to the business’ needs and they will look for employees who can fulfill these needs with additional training.

Employee Relations

This includes the relationship between employees and the relationship between employees and employer. Creating an employee relations strategy includes ensuring a safe work environment that is free from discrimination and investigating and resolving any complaints made on behalf of either the employee or employer. If there is not legal counsel on staff, the HR manager often fills this role as well.

staffing and recruitingRecruitment

A strategy regarding recruitment and selection involves analyzing workforce demands and labor trends, but there are many other responsibilities as well. These can include creating ways in which employees can receive additional training in order to fill more advanced positions or create an incentive plan to keep employees on for longer periods of time.

Give Your HR Some Help

These HR manager responsibilities demand a significant amount of time and attention to ensure a work environment runs smoothly and efficiently. With a professional staffing agency, a substantial amount of work can be put on our shoulders and the pressure can be taken off your HR manager. Our staffing service can fill an essential role in your company by being your point of contact for any staffing and recruiting needs.

The Hire Group will work to establish a strong relationship with your company to ensure that every potential employee that you interview is a right fit for your company culture and will be an asset to your company in the position that they are applying for. You can be confident that you are receiving only highly qualified candidates that are experts in their field.

By working with our professional employment agency, you can both relieve some of the pressure on your HR manager and hire employees that will work to better your company. Contact our staffing service today to start building a relationship.