Favorite Questions From Staffing Services

The role of an employment agent is a critical one for both client and applicant. The relationships that a staffing agent builds with both candidates and employers are beneficial to all parties. Getting to know an applicant will not only help find them a great job match, but it will also help a company fill a position with a qualified candidate. How does an employment recruiter get to know applicants? A well thought out interview with questions that delve into skills and qualifications as well as communication skills and the wants and needs of each applicant will ensure that a job seeker finds a position that is well suited for them. At The Hire Group, we are a professional staffing service who wants to bridge the gap between job hunters and potential employers. We ask difficult questions in order to help find you a position with an employer that you are excited to work with.

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Experience and Skills

Gaining knowledge of your professional background and what experience you bring to the table will help determine what jobs in which you qualify. Since many employment recruiters work with several different industries, more general questions will be asked. However, a lot of information can still be gained. How you represent yourself in the interview can give an experienced employment agent insight. They will ask if you have worked in a professional environment before, are you able to multitask, what computer skills do you possess? Even with more general questions, being serious and presenting yourself in a serious manner will show that you are looking for a real career.


This goes beyond what is presented on your resume. You may have worked for a top accounting firm, but if you haven’t learned anything from that position, or if you have achieved success after struggling on a challenging task, the work experience may be valued lower than if you can show what you gained from the experience. Questions that allow an applicant to look at themselves and analyze their own strengths and weaknesses will give a staffing agent an opportunity to understand a candidate’s potential, their ability to improve and what their level of ambition is.

  • staffing agent“What are you most proud of accomplishing?”
  • “How did you work together on a team to complete a task?”
  • “How did you exceed expectations in your previous role?”
  • “What would you have done differently in your last job?”

Salary Questions

Previous salary, as well as expected salary, are both ways in which a placement agency will determine what sort of position you should be placed at. If you are expecting a salary that exceeds what the staffing agent’s contacts can offer, it will be much more challenging finding a well-suited placement. A work placement service will also want to know if previous salaries matched your skill level and experience.


Possibly the most important thing that an agent will understand after an interview is how an applicant presents themselves. Communicating ideas and thoughts clearly and intelligently is much more valuable than an applicant who has the highest skills and experience, but is unable to communicate effectively. An employment agent is not only analyzing communications skills but body language as well. A confident attitude and professional appearance can go a long way in an interview.

Whether you are looking for a temporary position or a direct hire, being able to present yourself well is crucial to an interview with a staffing agency. Keep in mind that they will be representing you to potential employers, so from the very beginning, it is necessary to portray a professional and serious demeanor. If you are looking job that you can be proud of and need some assistance, contact the employment agents at The Hire Group.