Employment Agent

Questions to Ask an Employment Agency

If you’re a hiring manager and have decided to hire an employment agency for your business, you can breathe a little easier now. The Hire Group is here for you and wants to help you find only the most qualified candidates you need for your open positions. We can make a huge impact on how… read more

Avoid These Resume Mistakes

There are countless resources for resume tips and advice, but do you know what mistakes to avoid on your resume? If you are applying for several positions and have just as many versions of your resume, details may be missed or mistakes may have crept in that could cost you an important interview. Before you… read more

How to Make Your Resume Stand Out

In a previous blog, we discussed mistakes to avoid when writing a resume. Because your resume is so critical in making a strong first impression, we’re going to delve into this topic a little more. This post is going to focus on making your resume as effective and powerful as possible. The Hire Group is… read more

What Qualities Do Recruiters Look For?

You could have a resume that clearly shows industry knowledge, skills, and a long history of specific experience in that industry, but if you have a bad attitude, you don’t work well with others, or if you have a hard time handling change, the job you’re applying for will probably be given to someone else.… read more

Favorite Questions From Staffing Services

The role of an employment agent is a critical one for both client and applicant. The relationships that a staffing agent builds with both candidates and employers are beneficial to all parties. Getting to know an applicant will not only help find them a great job match, but it will also help a company fill… read more